Rush’s has a long history of supporting the neighborhoods that make each one of our restaurants thrive, which is really not such a novel idea.  Call us old fashioned, but we believe in the people that work and eat at Rush’s.  That means doing our share in our community, whether in Columbia, West Columbia, Lexington or Camden.

If you have an interest in partnering with Rush’s for the purpose of enriching education and community benevolence, please fill out the form below.  Rush’s will only respond to requests that use the contact form found at this web address.

With due consideration of budgetary limitations, we continually seek ways we can give back to the community we serve.

Rush’s accepts requests for gift card donations and sponsorships.  We do not participate in food donations or food sampling.  Due to the high volume of requests, we cannot respond to and/or support every request.


All inquiries must be submitted through the “Sponsorship / Donation Request” section below .  We cannot accept requests through in person sales calls, telephone, USPS, Fedex, UPS or any other courier.  Your request must be submitted at least 30 days in advance.

We require the following information from organizations requesting sponsorships and/or donations:

Your mission statement, organization history and geographic area served.

A contact name including street address, phone number and email address.

A copy of your current IRS 501 (c) (3) if applicable.

The exact amount requested and specific purpose for the donation/sponsorship.

A list of any Rush’s officers, directors or employee(s) affiliated with the organization and the nature of the affiliation, if applicable.

A pledge your organization will not discriminate against those it serves, or in the use of any donation Rush’s may make based on race, color, religion, gender, national origin, disability, marital status, military status, sexual orientation, or other bias prohibited by law.

We may require further information deemed appropriate by Rush’s chief financial officer and/or charitable comittee.


Rush’s cannot support the following:

  1. Political organizations or candidates
  2. Capitol campaigns
  3. Individuals seeking aid
  4. Religious organizations
  5. Conferences, seminars or reunions
  6. Research projects
  7. Vendors with which we do business
  8. Third party giving

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